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July 31, 2013
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Dragon Age: Styles - The Grey Wardens by Celvas Dragon Age: Styles - The Grey Wardens by Celvas
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:bulletred::bulletred: IMPORTANT NOTE :bulletred::bulletred:
Just now (Monday 05, 2013 / 02:51 AM CEST) I included a fix for the link display in the journal skin. Everyone who downloaded it before said date should donwload the skin again. It's not world-shattering if you're okay with it or don't have any problems. But if you do, here it is. Everyone having installed this skin after said date is in the green since, as I said, I updated the source code.

Thanks to *ParisWriter for pointing it out, and a ton of thanks to `GillianIvy, who told me where I would find that evil piece of code miscreant.

:heart: Thanks so much for the DD!

First off, some thanks are in order:
:rose: I want to thank Kiam who has taught me a great deal about coding.
:rose: I also want to thank =SimplySilent and `CypherVisor who provide a lot of darn helpful resources for free, including skins, tutorials, and answering some questions.
:rose: A "Yay!" for Google Webfonts. Just saying. I'm using a bit of Windows's Cambria, but mostly Google's Bitter.

:bulletred: RULES
You may install it, of course - that's what it is here for, after all - you may use it, and naturally you'll have to change it to suit your liking. All I ask is that, if you should like and install it, that you may :+fav: it and maybe leave a comment. Please do not re-upload this journal skin, remove the credits, or hijack the codes or graphics. I thank you in advance. :)

Check out the [LIVE PREVIEW]


You will find the necessary code in the header area. <div class="menu">The Warden-Commander's Cache is the heading of the dropdown menu. You can change it to whatever you like, just make sure to choose a title that is not longer than the background image. After that, there comes a <span> container that contains the links. A link contains of the actual link and a link description. For example, if you want to link to your profile page, change the # in the <a href> container and leave My Profile as it is. You could also instead link to your Twitter account, or your website, and change # and My Profile accordingly. The same goes for the rest of the links. Just make sure to keep the <span> container intact and you can add and remove and change almost as many links as your heart desires. Refrain from removing any other code, like the stupidheader, which is, in fact, the header image.

You should be familiar with those. All I did was change their appearance a little. If not, refer to this here page: FAQ #104: What HTML formatting can we use on deviantART? And what is the format for these codes?

:bulletblack: For the non-capitalized, non-background heading: <div class="title1">YOUR TEXT</div> If you want it centered, go with this: <div class="title1" align="center">YOUR TEXT</div>
:bulletblack: For the capitalized, non-background  heading: <div class="title2">YOUR TEXT</div> or <div class="title2" align="center">YOUR TEXT</div>
:bulletblack: For the left-aligned heading with background (tbg1): <div class="tbg1">YOUR TEXT</div> You know how to align your text in case you want to.
:bulletblack: For tbg2 (always centered): <div class="tbg2">YOUR TEXT</div>
:bulletblack: For tbg3 (always centered): <div class="tbg3">YOUR TEXT</div>
:bulletblack: For tbg4 (always centered): <div class="tbg4">YOUR TEXT</div>
:bulletblack: For tbg5 (always centered): <div class="tbg5">YOUR TEXT</div>

These here beauties consist of two elements: a div container as well as a span container. The div is the overall container containing quote and span container, while the span should hold the quote's author's name or really whatever. Use the blockquotes as you see fit. So, the blockquote is an already existing feature I punked up a tad (See the above linked FAQ entry). BUT you have, as I said, the option to wedge a span container between it. Whatever I do, it keeps formatting the blockquote, I added a * to it. DELETE THE STAR BEFORE USE, because if you keep the *, the blockquote won't work.
:bulletblack: For the 100% blockquote: <*blockquote>"THE QUOTE."<span>QUOTE AUTHOR</span></blockquote>
:bulletblack: For the 40% right-aligned blockquote: <*blockquote class="right">"THE QUOTE."<span>QUOTE AUTHOR</span></blockquote>
:bulletblack: For the 40% left-aligned blockquote: <*blockquote class="left">"THE QUOTE."<span>QUOTE AUTHOR</span></blockquote>

:bulletblack: For the two columns: <div class="halve">YOUR TEXT COLUMN ONE</div><div class="halve">YOUR TEXT COLUMN TWO</div><div class="clear"></div>
:bulletblack: For the three columns: <div class="trisect">YOUR TEXT COLUMN ONE</div><div class="trisect">YOUR TEXT COLUMN TWO</div><div class="trisect">YOUR TEXT COLUMN THREE</div><div class="clear"></div>
:bulletred: :bulletred: Adding <div class="clear"></div> to the end of the columns is imperative to avoid ugly graphical errors. Don't forget to put it, and don't place a space between any of it.

This is easy, because you don't actually have to do anything except for using the thumb link. Each deviation provides such a thumb. Put the code in and let the magic happen. I do advise you, though, not to put more than three images or pieces of literature in one line.
:bulletred: :bulletred: Under Deviation Linking: FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

The minimum height of the scroll boxes are 100px, so if you're below 100px, there won't be a scroll bar.
:bulletblack: Dark font, light background: <div class="scrollbar1">YOUR TEXT</div>
:bulletblack: Light font, dark background: <div class="scrollbar2">YOUR TEXT</div>

:bulletblack: For the one I've been using mostly in the preview: <div class="decoline1"></div>
:bulletblack: For the red-ish one: <div class="decoline2"></div>

:heart: And that's it! Have fun and enjoy, my devious friends. :heart:

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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-08-01
The suggester says, "I was instantly impressed by the details in Dragon Age: Styles - The Grey Wardens by =Celvas, so many gorgeous dividers and subheading styles. Love the textures and overall design."

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Hoshiro-Ryuko Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using it. Thank you very much ! 
Celvas Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
You're very welcome. Cute Smile
PhunPhishTiger Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Bloody brilliant! Best Dragon Age journal skin I've seen here. :D Definitely enjoying this!
Celvas Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Thank you. Glad you like it. :meow:
PhunPhishTiger Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. Keep up the great work! :D
Atomic-Nucleus Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using it. :heart:
Celvas Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Good. Cute Smile 
Missus--Cellophane Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so gorgeous. <3 Thank you so much for making it free to the public.
Celvas Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
My pleasure. It makes me happy to see that people like and use it. :)
Missus--Cellophane Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It seriously made me super happy. You wouldn't by any chance have an Antivan Crows one, would you? Zevran really made me like them. >>;
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